The Flying WASP Book by Doris Brinker Tanner

While history largely remembers the sacrifices of the brave men who served in World War II, with The Flying WASP, author Doris Brinker Tanner celebrates the contributions of women during the war effort. The Women Airforce Service Pilots (WASP), which consisted of 1,074 female flyers, flew over 60 million miles in every type of military aircraft. For their service, the group was awarded veteran status (albeit belatedly) in 1977, and even received the illustrious Congressional Gold Metal in 2009.

Tanner's fictionalized account treats readers to engrossing tales based on the real-life experiences of the fearless flygirls of this elite paramilitary organization. Through her illustrative words, Tanner provides readers a peak at the honor, courage, patriotism, and conviction that defined the group's members. Hardcover. A superb tribute to a selfless band of women who helped shape the outcome of the Second World War.

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