CAF Logo decal for aircraft


Each CAF aircraft is required to have a set of CAF Wings decals prominently displayed on the aircraft. These decals are vinyl graphics are produced from 3M Controltac Graphic Film with Comply Adhesive IJ160C. They are also laminated for additional UV protection. Units must order the correct color/size for their specific aircraft type. See Below

If you do not see your logo size or have additional questions, please email instead of proceeding with the order.  Additionally, if you prefer to have the unit invoiced instead of paying online, please email

The prices and order is for one decal. For a pair, place an order for two.


If the aircraft color is white, yellow, silver order Black Wings with white outline.

If the aircraft is black, olive drab or dark order White Wings with black outline.


18 inches- PT-13, PT-17, UC-61, T-34, O-2A, ME-108, L-6, L-5, L-3, A6M3

20 inches- L-4, L-2, L-17, L-16, J-3, BT-15, AN-2

24 inches- P-51, P-63, PT-19, PT-22, PT-23, PT-26, T-28, SNJ, SBD, S-105, P-40, P-39, N3N, L-9, Harvard Mk IV, Harvard II, FM-2, F6F, C-45, U-3, BT-13, TORA, AT-6

28 inches- SB2C, FG-1D,

30 inches- UC-78, TBM, T-50

36 inches- C-53, B-25, A-26

40 inches- C-47

42 inches- R4D, B-24, B-17

45 inches- C-46

48 inches- B-29



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