Hap's War Book

All veterans know all too well of the physical, emotional, and psychological demands required to cope with the effects of war. However, few have been pushed to the brink quite like Raymond "Hap" Halloran, a WWII B-29 navigator who was shot down over Tokyo. Though Hap survived the attack, it turned out the loss of his aircraft, the Rover Boy, was only the beginning of his ordeal. Hap was then captured by the Japanese, routinely beaten, tortured, stripped naked and publicly displayed, and even scheduled for execution. In Hap's War: The Incredible Survival Story of a P.O.W. Slated for Execution, Halloran recounts his personal war within a war, the horrors he experienced, the loss of six of his aircraft's 11 crewmembers, and ultimately his journey to forgiveness following the Japanese surrender.

In addition to detailing his nightmarish existence as a P.O.W., Hap uses the book's 170 pages to introduce readers to the other 10 crewmembers of the Rover Boy. He then chronicles his quest to locate all 10 of his former crew - living and deceased - in order to bring closure to their distressing wartime adversities. Furthermore, Hap relates his odyssey to come to terms with the former enemy. Halloran comes face to face with the pilot who shot him down, as well as a former prison guard and interpreter from his P.O.W. camp. Additionally, Hap emphasizes the importance of the bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, claiming that without them, every Allied prisoner in Japanese custody would likely have been summarily executed. A gripping, emotional read about the atrocities of war and the resolve to overcome them.


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