CAF Womens Long Sleeve Button Down with Custom Embroidery

Custom shirts with name and unit will be delayed due to the embroidery company having to remain closed until further notice. We are not able to give a delivery time, but any shirt ordered will be processed as soon as the company is able to resume business. Shirts without custom embroidery, that have the CAF logo pre-embroidered on them will continue to be shipped when ordered. We are sorry about the inconvenience.

Combine your passion for iconic aircraft with your sensational sense of style by introducing the CAF Women's Long Sleeve Button Down to your wardrobe. In addition to its effortless elegance, the top features embroidery of the Commemorative Air Force "Wings" insignia on the left breast. While a smart choice for semi-formal events, the shirt is also perfectly suited for casual gatherings such as fly-ins, airshows, and barbecues. Available in Navy and light tan. *Please be sure to add the embroidery name/unit name to the order. Custom orders can not be processed and shipped over night. Please allow 1 to 2 weeks for the order to arrive.

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